Gevalia Specials: European Coffeehouse Collection

Antico Caffe GrecoEurope is home to world reknowned coffee houses, some of which were built long, long ago. The historical coffee houses have a rich tradition of serving the best coffees and teas. While some may have been destroyed because of wars or natural disasters, the delight and pleasure offered by these coffee houses continue to occupy the hearts of dedicated coffee lovers throughout out the world. If you’re looking for the experience and flavor of traditional old world coffee, look no further. You can find it with the gourmet coffee offered by the Gevalia coffee club.

One of the most reknowned coffee houses is Antico Caffe Greco in Rome. Constructed in 1760, this reputable coffee house was a favorite gathering place for legends in entertainment, politics, business, and other powerful individuals that helped shape the events of the times. The Antico Caffee Greco is now a landmark in Italy where authors, artists, and entertainers take time to relax and share their opinions. People like Franz Liszt, Berloiz, and Felix Mendelssohn were but few of those who called the coffee house home.

The flavor and aroma of the coffee at Antico Caffe Greco is is well-know, but what might not be know is that this coffee has as its origin is part of Gevalia’s European Coffeehouse collection. You don’t have to visit the place to taste the promise it offers, all you need to sample Gevalia products yourself, in the comfort of your own home, is to join the Gevalia coffee club. Gourmet coffees will be delivered directly to your door!

Aside from Rome’s Antico Caffe Greco, the Gevalia European Coffeehouse collection is composed of other renowned coffee houses such as Cafe De Procope in Paris, France and Cafe Sperl in Venice, Italy. Each of these names has proved the worthiness of their reputation through the coffee they’ve served over hundreds of years.  Why not expereince some of this gourmet flavor for youself?

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