Genuine Sabatier Knives

Sabatier KnivesOne of the most significant kitchen products that home chefs and professional chefs need is a good kitchen knife. Knifes are used more than almost any other kitchen item so a good quality knife is a must. A knife is intended for food preparation and while a few general purpose knives can grasp much of the work there are also many specialised knives. There are a number of manufacturers of kitchen knives, and many claim to be the best.

Sabatier is condidered by many to be among the best. Sabatier Knives are highly regarded by both professional and amateur cooks alike. Sabatier is a brand name used by several kitchen knife manufacturers. The name Sabatier is synonymous with high quality knives made in the Thiers region of France.

Sabatier knives are said to give you “unequalled pleasure and comfort for your cutting jobs”. The range of Sabatier knives available is extensive, but when buying a genuine Sabatier knife the quality remains never-ending. So if you are looking for a chef’s knife , a paring knife or a set of knives with a block, buying Sabatier is a good choice.

The origins of Sabatier knives date back to Thiers, France in the 1800s. The name Sabatier was used by many different companies before intellectual property or trademark laws were established in France. Today in order to distinguish between the different makers of Sabatier knives, manufacturers are required to include a second word or symbol along with Sabatier. If a knife simply has Sabatier scripted on it, it is not a genuine Sabatier knife made in Thiers, France.

There is a long list of brand names that are genuine Sabatier products, these include, among others SABATIER Lion, SABATIER K, SABATIER Deg, SABTIER Diamant and V SABATIER.

Remember genuine Sabatier knives and Sabatier knife sets are made in the Thiers region of France by a number of manufacturers adopting a forging process that makes them among the best quality stainless steel or high-carbon steel knives that are available today.  Sabatier knives are considered by many to be among the best quality kitchen knives in the world  , this comes at a price, if you see cheap Sabatier knives for sale chances are they are not the real thing.

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