Greek Salads and Desserts: Are You In For A Food Trip?

Greek SaladsIf you’re the sort of individual who is into food trips, as well as into history, you will surely be curious about this food section. Concerned with your health and fitness? Greek Salads are for you. And for those who have a sweet tooth, these Greek Desserts are fantastic. Listed here are a few must-try Greek dishes.

Greek Salads

What would be wonderful to accompany an elegant evening meal from a slow cooker? How about a healthful, fresh and crunchy salad?

Horiatiki Salata

Horiatiki Salata is the simple big serving of Greek salad. Horiatiki in fact means village-style salad. This fresh, balanced salad is found in one particular form or another all over the eastern Mediterranean. A similar salad having the addition of sumac and toasted pita is called fattoush in the Arab nations. Turks have a different version of this salad; they serve it as ezme salatasi which is actually a far more finely chopped version.

Melitzano Salata

The Melitzano Salata recipe needs grilled aubergine, olive oil and lemon extract. This particular recipe brings garlic as well as feta for taste and a few sprigs of parsley for color.

Taramo Salata

Taramo Salata is traditionally made out of taramas which is the actual salted as well as cured roe of the cod or carp, though blends based on other types of fish roe, particularly cod, are becoming more common. The roe is then mixed with either bread crumbs or mashed potato, and lemon extract, vinegar, and olive oil.

Greek Desserts

To finish this great dinner, what can be fantastic is a well-blended, sweet and also flavorful dessert – along with hot coffee. Here are several of the best Greek desserts.


Baklava is a scrumptious phyllo pastry common in Middle Eastern nations. A lot of Greek and Lebanese restaurants serve it these days and it is now a featured delicacy of several previous Ottoman nations. The baklava is comprised of layers of crisp phyllo dough alternated with a sweet spiced nut mix, and the whole thing is then soaked in a nice, aromatic syrup created with honey and lemon, along with cinnamon. It is an exotic and decadent treat to be sure.

Galaktoboureko (Custard Pie Recipe)

This divine dessert is a collaboration of creamy custard and flaky phyllo dough which is baked to golden perfection and then soaked with lemon and also orange infused syrup. The only caveat is that this kind of dessert is best served on the same day it’s made. Once cooled, the custard has a tendency to solidify and manages to lose its lovely texture.


Halvas can be made with olive oil and also butter or maybe a blend of oils. Probably the most delicious and most healthy sweet confectionery of all; halvas is served for breakfast because of its nutritional value, as well as for dessert along with a glass of wine. Halvas is comprised of 50 % milled and toasted sesame seed (takhini) and a heated up mixture of sugar and glucose.

Greece includes a myriad of options to satisfy your urge for food, but there’s no need to travel to be able to taste these cuisines. You can simply search the internet for recipes. Now you simply need finger foods and wine and you’re on your way to a Greek encounter.

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