Top 5 Things You Absolutely Need in Your Kitchen

Kitchen UtensilsIf you’re just starting to cook, it’s likely that you don’t have much in terms of cooking tools. As years goes by, you will, of course, purchase many more kitchen gadgets. Here are 5 items that I suggest you should have when you are getting started.

A Chopping Board

This is a product standard, as you are not able to dice all sorts of things without having a chopping board. It is especially convenient, as you can slice virtually anything on it – peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, steaks, herbs, and so forth. Some individuals opt to buy individual chopping boards for meats, dairy items, fruit and vegetables, etc. Others buy diversely-sized chopping boards, and work with them according to the volume of stuff they need to slice. Start out with one, and then determine what others you absolutely need.

A Chef’s Knife

This is very basic – you will not be able to chop or cook a single thing without a knife. A good quality, sharp knife goes a long way in assisting you in putting together meals. You can visit some shops, and hold the knives in your hand, so you can find the type you are comfortable with.

A Huge Pot

You’ll need a pot for basically everything – from boiling vegetables to cooking sauces to simmering to – well more or less everything! Many pots come with colander inserts, so that it is much easier to cook pasta. Or you may get a colander separately, and use that.

A Sauté Pan

We love sauté cookware, and make use of it regularly. They’re quite handy, and we advise purchasing types without wooden handles, so you are able to place the sauté pan in the oven also. Make use of the sauté pan for preparing stir fries, sautéing various meats and fish, cooking vegetables and fruits, and even more.

Roasting Pan

A roasting pan is ideal for cooking food in the cooker or oven. From roast beef to roasted hen to roasted vegetables, a roasting pan can help you prepare your best dishes in the cooker.

You shouldn’t be scared – cooking is entertaining. Start with getting these few items, and add to your gallery of kitchen gear as time goes.

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