Racking Your Pots and Pans

Pot and Pan RacksStoring your pots and pans on a rack is more than just a way to show off your cookware collection. Anyone who has had to drag a pot from the back of a crowded shelf below the counter knows the hassle that can be, as well as the pounding that the cookware takes. Denting and scratching is a given for loosely stacked pots and pans.

Pot racks have become a common solution to storing cookware, but not every rack system serves the needs of every kitchen equally. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating a cookware rack for your situation.

First, determine how many pieces you wish to store on the rack. The higher the number, the sturdier and roomier the rack should be. A roomy rack also takes up more space and may limit its placement. If you need to store only a few pieces, then choose a smaller, light-weight rack that may fit beneath an overhead cupboard or at the end of the counter.

Once you have a feel for size, consider the types of racks available:

  • Stand-alone racks – A good choice when you have a spare corner or empty space in your kitchen. Floor standing pot racks may be made from decorative metals or wood, and offer a good way of stacking needed cookware.
  • Ceiling racks – Usually shaped like a square, a circle, or an oval, ceiling racks typically hang freely over a counter or island. Some have adjustable grids that allow you to configure how the pots and pans are hung. Ceiling racks can be heavy once loaded with cookware, so make sure your ceiling can handle the added weight. Use a qualified installer if you’re unsure.
  • Wall-hanging racks – Attached directly to the wall, wall racks may be shaped like a half-circle or square. Some are configured with a shelf above to offer additional storage space. Others have adjustable sliding hooks for more flexibility.

Lastly, consider rack material. Brushed metal will resist scratches and require little polishing. Copper and chrome surfaces, on the other hand, will dull over time and require regular polishing to keep them looking good.

Pot racks are space-saving, practical, and can offer an attractive addition to your kitchen as well as extend the life of your cookware. Reducing the frustration of a crowded cupboard may be reason enough!

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