Mexican Cooking is Caliente

Mexican FoodMexican Cooking is Caliente!

When you regularly watch ugly Betty, you will notice that Betty’s father Ignacio is always in the kitchen, concocting Mexican dishes. The Mexicans are known for their love of food. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in the United States. Clearly, their culinary tastes have reached the border.

1. Molcjate is a mortar that is used in grinding chilies for salsa. It comes in various shapes.

2. Comal is a round and flat skillet that is used in order to blister the chilies which are absolute for making tortillas.

3. Masa is made from corn kernels that are dried and grinded, then mixed with water. It’s a thick dough that is flattened to father patties for the tortillas. These are stuffed with spices, fruits and meat to procreate tamales.

4. Chiles are the secret ingredient in most Mexican cooking. Mexican foods are often spicy simply because of the chilies. There are 60 kinds of chile peppers. They range from mild to very hot.

5. Jalapenos are the most popular of all Mexican chilies because they are widely used. Recurrently, Mexican tables contain small bowls of jalapenos which are flavored with escabeche, onions and carrots.

6. Salsa is the tremendously plain dish and is often served as an appetizer. It is accompanied with chips and eggs sufficient as a prelude to the main quest. Salsas are made from either fresh or cooked vegetables. Ask unit Mexican chef and he has his own way of making salsa. Just uniform our palms, no two salsas are intensely the same. The manifest ingredients of salsa are chilies, onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

7. Tomatillos may look like green tomatoes. They are related to one supplementary. These are used in sauces specifically the salsa verde and the green sauces.

8. Anchiote is a vermilion paste that is from annatto seeds, lime juice, spices and vinegar. It is used on fish, pork and chicken.

9. Ceviche is from raw fish that is marinated till it is cooked and flavored with lime juice. It is served harbour saltine crackers or chips.

10. Avocados are healthy fruits often used in making guacamole. These are also sliced and served as the garnish to most Mexican meals. The avocadoes occasion be slightly genial.

11. Cilantro
Solid is besides called coriander. It is a herb which jazzes up the salsa. It has a green color again often enhances most Mexican dishes.

12. Carnitas is made from pork that is simmered deep in fruit juices. These are sometimes baked or fried. They are served in that tacos or burritos.

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