How to Create Perfect Fruit Baskets – Part 1

Fruit BasketsCreating a great fruit basket to use as a gift for a holiday, birthday, day of remembrance, or other event can be a lot of fun.

Even when it can be tough to get really fresh fruit, fruit baskets are still amazing gifts. The reason? Everyone simply loves fresh fruit; and during any time of the year!

Plus, fruit is healthy and almost everyone can eat it. Giving gift baskets of chocolate or cookies or other sweets can be a problem because many people are on moderated diets either as either a lifestyle option or because of a medical condition. So a fruit basket is a much better choice as a gift than a chocolate or cookie gift basket.

The biggest choice you’ll face when creating fruit baskets for a gift is what fruit to use.  There are a lot of options, and many fruits would fit in with almost any theme.  One way to choose fruit for a fruit basket is to pick fruit that is all the same color, or variations of the same color. Berries are great for monochromatic fruit baskets.  Or choose a fruit for the center of the basket that is a bright, eye catching color and then fill the rest of the basket with fruit in colors that complement that color on the color wheel.

Another way to choose fruit for gift baskets is to choose fruit that is commonly affiliated with the theme of the basket. For example, if you’re creating a “Good Morning” gift basket for guests that are staying with you for a few days you could fill the basket with melons, oranges, and grapefruits along with a baking mix or muffin mix and some coffee or tea.

Here’s another idea: You could put together some delicious fruit baskets that contain oranges, and bananas and apples, along with cold medicines. You might even include some pain relievers and a get well card for this “Get Well Soon” fruit basket.

Exotic fruits are popular gifts, especially fruits like honeybells, which are only available during certain periods of the year. No matter what fruit you end up picking for your gift basket, make sure you buy enough so that you can keep some as well because you know you and your family will want some of that delicious fruit too!

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