Homemade Edible Gifts from the Heart

One of my best friends has two amazing recipes. One for the fluffiest, airiest peanut brittle you’ve ever tasted, and another for pumpkin bread. Every year, she makes several batches and gives them as gifts to family and friends. It’s something we all look forward to.

And one year, I was just too poor to buy gifts for everyone, so I went to the kitchen and gathered up the ingredients to make cookies. Instead of individual gifts for each person, I gave each family a plate of homemade cookies. One sister-in-law considers that as one of her top three gifts of all time. Why? Because, as she says, it came from the heart.

Edible Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a new way to show your appreciation and gratitude this holiday season? Are you looking to give gifts this year that are special and focus on giving rather than materialism? Consider making your own homemade edible gifts this year.

Creating Your Own Homemade Gifts Is a Great Way to Show People You Care

When you spend your valuable time creating something from your heart, your friends and family know you love and appreciate them. It takes a bit of extra time, energy and attention to make something from scratch. However, in the long run it’s also easier than hitting the shopping malls and battling the crowd in search of that perfect gift. You can make one instead.

How to Create Homemade Edible Gifts

The first step to creating homemade treats is actually two steps. You want to consider what you can make – what you’re skilled at. You also want to consider your recipient. What do they like to eat? What foods are their favorites or what would they enjoy most?

For example, if you’re making a treat for your young nieces and nephews, then perhaps they’d most appreciate candy. One the other hand, if it’s for someone who is diabetic, you would want to avoid the sweets. If you’re making a treat for your single brother, then perhaps he’d appreciate a ready to go soup, with just “add water” instructions attached. You also will want to keep in mind any diet the recipient might be on.

Your second step will be to prepare a plan. What are you going to make and who are you going to make it for? You’ll want to make a detailed plan that also includes when you’re going to make your gifts. Take care to keep your gifts in mind. For example, if you’re baking bread for family and friends, you’ll want to make it close to the day you’re actually giving it to them. Bake it too far in advance and you’ll be giving them stale bread.

Next you’ll create your shopping list. In addition to writing down all the ingredients for your recipes, you’ll also want to shop for the packaging. How are you going to package and wrap your treats? Will the packaging be part of the gift? For example, if you’re baking homemade bread will you also give your recipient a bread pan or will you deliver it on a disposable plate?

Layered Cookie Mix in a Jar

If you’re making edible treats that your recipient can assemble themselves, you might want to purchase nice jars or containers for the ingredients. For example, if you’re giving someone oatmeal cookies, you might layer all the ingredients in a large mason jar. Tie a ribbon around the outside and then attach the mixing directions to the ribbon. They may have to add an egg and water but the rest is done for them.

Cookies inside a cute cookie jar would be another cute gift idea. Packaging can play an important role in your homemade gifts.

Have fun making your homemade edible gifts. Set aside a day or a weekend from the process and really enjoy yourself. Your passion, joy and enthusiasm will show in your results.

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