Fast Food Gluten Choices – Eating Out Gluten-Free

Living a gluten free life these days may seem like a bit of a challenge, especially with all the ads for delicious looking fast food staring you in the face everywhere you turn. While these fast food restaurants might not seem like the ideal place to get non gluten foods, there actually are some options out there at Wendy’s, Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

As shocking as it may be that gluten-free people can still eat out with everyone else, there are some loopholes in various menus that allow for just that. Below is an exploration of the different choices out there.

For gluten free choices at McDonald’s, you simply have to look for foods without the buns, biscuits, McGriddles, and chicken. For breakfast, that may include a big breakfast, which includes hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage, along with a biscuit you just don’t have to eat. For lunch, McDonald’s has some great chicken salads that you can just get without the chicken. There’s a southwest salad and a fruit-and-walnut salad, as well as the standard tossed and Caesar salads. The French fries are fine too, and you can finish things off with a fruit and yogurt parfait, as long as you don’t use the granola.

For gluten free meals at Wendy’s, you won’t be able to get French fries. You can, however, choose from a variety of sides that Wendy’s has and McDonald’s doesn’t. Baked potatoes, cups of chili, mandarin oranges, side salads, and strawberry yogurt are all very popular gluten-free choices that you can find at Wendy’s. They even offer a taco salad with lettuce, chili, chips, cheese, sour cream, and vegetables. Pair this with your favorite drink, and you could have a healthy meal that is free of gluten entirely.

If you want to go to Taco Bell for your gluten-free fast food experience, you only have a few options to choose from. These options, however, are pretty filling, so you can at least make a meal out of them. The Southwest steak bowl is a hardy option, although many Taco Bells have taken that off their menu now. If yours still offers it, the bowl is made of beans, rice, steak and cheese, all covered in a rich, spicy sauce. You can also get a tostada, and for your sides, you can look into Mexican rice or pintos and cheese. The options for a fast food gluten-free experience are out there. You just have to find them.

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