A New Angle on Kosher Passover Recipes; Kosher, Tasty, and Good for Your Shape

Healthy Eating at PassoverDo you detest feeling heavy and packed following Seder? Tired of gaining excess weight following a week of overeating? Have you had your fill of spending so much time in the kitchen during Passover?

If there exists one holiday that is connected with meals – and lots of them, it’s Passover. But you can enjoy a delightful, balanced and delicious holiday with these guidelines and kosher Passover recipes:

  • Serve veggies with every meal. Make use of veggies with salads, soups and side dishes. Add veggies to matzah brei and kugel. Use cream of avocado on matzah.
  • Fruit flesh tends to make any dessert tasty. Serve refreshing seasonal fruit, dried fruit, or maybe a fresh fruit compote or a fruit salad, instead of snacks and dessert.
  • Have fish! Seafood tends to make a stylish as well as easy first or main course. Our favorite food selection for Passover is definitely fresh poached salmon, and baked potatoes along with a green veggie.
  • Chicken and turkey will also be wholesome choices. Prepare hen soup earlier, refrigerate it right away and skim the hardened fats previous to serving.
  • Substitute a portion of whole eggs with egg whites only in your Passover cooking and baking. Two egg whites are equal in size to one whole egg.
  • Use oil instead of margarine for cooking and the baking. Extra-virgin olive oil is actually the healthiest. Walnut and peanut oil, if obtainable, can be excellent choices. Don’t use cottonseed oil, that is higher in saturated fat and can contain pesticide residues.
  • Keep away from margarine once and for all by employing recipes dependent on nuts, such as macaroons and nut-based cakes.

Keep your food choices quick, easy, and gentle. There is no need to prepare huge amounts and endless types of food – for Passover or for virtually any holiday!

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